A place for those who create and teach to create

Maker Notebook is a free online platform for makers and those who teach in the classroom or lead makerspaces. It is ideal for those wanting to keep track of their own ideas and project progress or their students' progress.

For Teachers

Maker Notebook is to help inspire or assign makerspace ideas for projects to students and to be able to keep track of their progress.

For Individuals

Maker Notebook is for individuals of all ages to keep track of their ideas and projects as well as students in a classroom or makerspace.

Make things

What can you do here?

Get inspired by ideas and create your own.

Ideas is a place to find inspiration or collect assignments for students. Or, you can add your ideas here, whatever inspires you.

Turn ideas into projects.

A project is something you or your students will be working on or are already working on.

Combine ideas into collections.

If you notice ideas have a common theme or progression, you can combine ideas into collections. Collections can be assigned to students to direct their work throughout a semester.

Add complete projects to your digital portfolio.

Build a digital portfolio that you can share with your friends, teachers that showcases who you are, the skills you’ve developed and what you are able to do!

Manage groups of people.

If you are managing a classroom or makerspace, you can keep track all individuals or students.

Track progress.

And you can keep track of everyone's progress through a variety of dashboards.

Get experience points for your activity.

You or your studens can ear experience points for being active. It can become your additional motivation or just entertainment.

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