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Configure Macintosh for Birdbrain Technologies Hummingbird/Finch for Python

Update to the latest MacOS and set for automatic updates. For each student, add three users. The first two are administrative users and the third is a "Standard" user for the student. For example, if the student's name is "frank", create "frank_admin", "frank_parent", "frank". Assign the standard passwords. Logon as each user to complete installation.

Some shortcuts can be found at:

Install Chrome browser
Install BlueBird Connector from the App Store (link on shortcuts page)
Install the mu editor found at

To get the "git" tool, open a terminal session and type "git" followed by return. You will get a dialog box to install some of the xcode tools.

Start the chrome browser and set to be the default browser.

Start the mu editor for the first time to get the default configuration files. Set the "Select Mode" to "Python 3".

Install the ssh keys to access github in $HOME/.ssh. The two required files are:

To activate the key, in a terminal session type the following, later answering the requested password:
ssh-add .ssh/neighbood-makers-github-key

From the home directory, clone the github repository:
mkdir GitHub
cd GitHub
git clone
git config --global "neighborhood-makers"
git config --global ""
git commit --amend --reset-author
git push

Customize the mu editor by editing the file:
$HOME/Library/Application Support/mu/settings.json
to contain:
"workspace": "$HOME/GitHub/neighborhood_makers_github"

Add the Python Hummingbird Bit library file "" in the following location to make the library available using the mu editor (with mu version 1.1.1):

Adjust the MacOS dock to contain the following, in this order:
BlueBird Connector
mu editor
App Store
System Preferences


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